Description of the Business


Kode IT  is a GIS/IT consultant company. We have been working in the GIS/IT Industry, specialising in solutions, since June 2007. Our aim is to assist all GIS users and DATA users to make their information work for them. We offer our in-house knowledge of all the tools and assist businesses in achieving their goals, enhance the meaning and use of their data.

We also have a sound knowledge of the Internet and promote a paper less strategies of communication over intranets. We have expertise in web development and hosting.

Description of our Services


The main task and purpose of Kode IT is to make geographic information systems (GIS) an inseparable part of the information model of our clients.


Main services are:


·         Geospatial Services and Solutions

·         Software Development

·         Data Management Services

o        Data Mining

o        Data conversion

o        Data migration

o        Data maintenance

·         Implementation of projects

·         GIS Application Development

·         Web Development



Our clients range from large and small government agencies, corporate entities of different sizes to small private firms. Because no two sets of client requirements are same, we strive hard to provide individualized services and solutions to each of our clients.


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